What Really Happened

I at one time in my life took part in the celebration of Christmas. Even though religion in those days were more or less forced on me. Forced or not I went into it whole heartedly. That is to say that I celebrated Christmas for what it was, the celebration of the birth of Christ. I went to church, on Christmas Eve day and again for midnight mass. I believed in the reasons that I was going to church at that time. I did not celebrate the same Christmas that is celebrated today.

I don’t know what happened, it became so commercialized. It freaks me out that when you go into the stores and the Christmas trees and all the decorations are set up and out on display before Halloween is here. It bothers me that the big push is on before Remembrance Day or Veterans Day in the US (I believe that is what you deem November 11) Christmas Carols are played non-stop on one radio station starting November 15th until December 26th.

A majority of children have no idea about the true meaning of Christmas, it is Santa Day, a day to get great gifts. Where did we go wrong?

Although I have made many changes in my life, I have changed in the things that I believe in and the religion that I choose to practice. I do not how ever forget what I know Christmas to be even though I do not celebrate it myself any longer. I most certainly do not hold anything against anyone who celebrates this Holy Holiday. It bothers me though for those that are enjoying the holiday for the wrong reasons.

Easter is another day that has gone the wrong direction.

Everyone is entitled to practice the religion of their own choosing. I am for that one hundred percent. I can not fathom the idea that any one religion is any better than the other or one is right and all the rest are wrong. The fact is that people believe in something. If you follow the paths of different religions they all basically tell the same story. The names may be changed, but the story is basically the same.

I believe that no matter what path we take we all end up on the same road at the end.

I am a big advocate of world peace, I hate violence of any type. I do not even hunt for that matter as I can not handle the idea of hurting another being. I end up having a really hard time understanding religions that teach hatred. No one would ever admit that this is happening, but it does. As soon as the words or what ever you want to call it claim that the religion that you participate in is the true religion, the right religion, the only religion.

No matter what religion you follow, I am pretty sure that the God or Gods or Goddess that you worship is not a hateful God. To me a God, is a kind and loving being, no matter which one . There is no way that I can understand a belief that would prompt one to go out and harm, hate, or prejudice another because they believed in some thing other than what you participate in.

If everyone could understand that we are all here and we are all creatures of “A GODS MAKING” we all end up in the same place at the end of our own paths. A world like that would be such a different place than we live in today. Imagine a world with out wars, with out hatred towards our fellow man. I dream of a world like that.

Just because I do not celebrate Christmas does not make me any less a person than those that do. I just have chosen a different path to follow. I still pray, I still have a God that I worship. I how ever celebrate the Holy days of my religion with true believe in the reasons that I celebrate them, not for a bunch of gifts. People need to take a step back. Go back to the days were the reasons were celebrated and the gifts were merely an added bonus.

There were days when you got a gift not a whole bunch. A gift that came from the heart not one that you had to take on a second mortgage on your house for. People go so far into debt that it takes years to pay off each and every Christmas. That is not what it is all about.

What has happened? Why did the greed factor have to come into play and replace the true meanings of the Religious Holy days?

I doubt that I will ever see it, but I do pray for a day when mankind can live together in harmony, no matter what race, creed or sexual orientation. A world with out war, with out hatred. A world where man helped man.

To Everyone, may the holiday season find each and everyone of you healthy, sheltered and fed. Offer a stranger kind smile and a kind word. Help someone in need if you can. Lets become human again.

Brightest Blessings Everyone.


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  1. It is the greed and commercialization that inspired me to create my Altared Christmas music and live show. By changing the way I played the music slightly, the words and original meaning of the songs have come back and feel much better to me.

    Thanks for writing about what many are thinking.


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