A Ball That Plays With Me

Otis made a startling discovery today. A little general house cleaning today by all parties. My housemate stuck her exercise ball out in the hallway.

Big Red Ball

A little while later after the floors were vacuumed and washed Otis felt it was safe to come out of the bedroom. The first thing that he bumped into was a big red ball. A ball much larger than one Otis. So what do you do? Well you try to bite it of course. (this is a new thing, if something startles Otis he will try to bite it) So upon trying to bite the big red ball it did a little bounce thing. This only serves to get things going.

Otis discovered that he can push the ball around the house. Just a little bump with ones nose or head and away it goes. It only gets better if you are close to the wall and the ball will roll right back at you!!!!

New PlaymateThis is going to be fun. The ball rolls into peoples legs and gets a little kick to get it out of the way and I get to chase it. And I can of course just pop it one and it rolls away from me and the chase is on. I can’t loose here. A new form of self entertainment.

New Found FunI am going to have to talk my dad into getting me one of these for at the trailer. Now that the yard is all fenced in to keep not me in but the horses out, I can play for hours and not come to any harm. But it will always be better to have my dad toss the little rubber ball in the back yard when it is warm again or down the lane at the trailer every morning while he is having his morning coffee, listening to the news and watching the humming birds.


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