Going To Try This Again

I figured that Otis and I will give this another crack. I was told once by someone that I should not bother myself as to whether some one’s feeling get hurt or not as a result of the way I have expressed myself or worded incorrectly what I was trying to convey.

So me and the toaster strudel (Otis) are going to try it all over again. I caution you that I may be more verbal and not hold back with regards to my opinion about the matters at hand. After all they are my opinions thus they can not be right or wrong they are exactly what I have said “my opinions”

Anyone that may have thin skin may want to cease reading right now.

This time of year is really hard for me. I tend to stay on the quiet side and not be very visible to any one. This is the 23rd Christmas without my daughter. Twenty three years of not knowing what has become of her. Twenty three years of not a word about her. I kept all of the Christmas presents that I had purchased for her that Christmas 23 years ago. Well I kept them for twenty years and then thought it rather foolish to keep them any longer.

I have never learned to deal with this aspect of my life. I don’t know how to accept the unknown. What did she turn out like? What does she look like? Does she still have the funny squeaky voice? did she marry and have kids?

Every year I sit and it is hard to avoid Christmas as it is all around us. The Christmas music makes me sad. The Christmas movies make me cry. It is a really hard time of year. I am sure that there are many others who live this very same life. I hope that they have been able to find peace and were able to move on and grow.

On a happy note, I have finally managed to have gotten a little better with my Ukulele. That means moving beyond Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I am working on Smile by Charlie Chaplin and can say that each and every time I play it, it sounds better and better. I am also working on Silent Night just because I found a simple finger picking tab for it. I can now sit down every day and play without getting really frustrated. I have played so much lately that my finger tips hurt like they have never hurt before, how ever now as the days go by the pain is lessening.

I have also started another blog page that will contain a more opinionated version of how I feel about things. It may be about any variety of topics. Most of all it is based on my humble opinion. You might be able to find it here:  http://tsalta.wordpress.com/  I do add caution to this page though it may not be suited to each and everyone. I don’t plan to hold back.

Otis is doing well. He has hunkered down to the winter mode. Poor guy hasn’t much hair so he gets cold immediately upon stepping outdoors, so he tends to only run out do what he has to and come back in. Play time has become a purely indoor event now. His winter parka is out and ready to go as soon as he is. I think we have to retrain how to survive the winter boots again this year. I wanted to get him a hat to keep his ears warm, but so far have been totally unsuccessful in that department. I think I will try to see if any of the people that I know that crochet can make one for me by looking at a picture of the one hat I found online.

I hope that the few readers that I have following me have been well. To my American followers, I hope that your Thanks Giving holiday was one of the best that you have seen. Any of you that are traveling for your holidays are able to do so safely an totally uneventful (no accidents or tickets)

Welcome to winter , which officially arrives on December 21 at 17:11 UTC

Till we meet again!!


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